Founded on May 22, 2008, ALP Kaucuk has established itself as a formidable player in the Adhesive Manufacturing industry from its headquarters in Izmir, Turkey. With a sprawling facility covering 10,000 square meters, ALP Kaucuk's investments and its team of dedicated professionals have positioned it as a rising leader poised for global recognition. The company embraces a modern approach to management, production, sales, and marketing, aspiring to become an international benchmark for product quality and variety​​​​.

ALP Kaucuk's vision is to be amongst the top corporate entities in Turkey and across the globe, fulfilling the needs of customers worldwide with superior product quality and technical service. In pursuit of this goal, the company has made an impressive 10,560 export shipments, primarily to India, Indonesia, and the Philippines, showcasing its commitment to customer satisfaction and market diversity. This customer-centric philosophy is firmly rooted in the belief that product excellence and a diverse portfolio are fundamental to meeting and exceeding customer expectations​​​​​​.

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