EURORICAMBI has been passionately producing aftermarket spare parts for over 40 years, focusing on quality and innovation. Each of their products is a result of constant attention to production processes, new technologies, advanced innovation, and ongoing research, ensuring that they stand out in the market. EURORICAMBI's commitment to providing the best gears, made entirely in Italy, is evident in their dedication to quality and excellence. They cater to a wide range of ground surfaces, meeting diverse customer needs with their high-quality spare parts​​.

Their spare parts are fully interchangeable with original components produced by major truck, bus, earthmoving, and mining machine manufacturers. EURORICAMBI offers a comprehensive range of products, including bearings, gearboxes, and differentials. They manufacture crucial gearbox components like main and counter shafts, gears, and synchronizer rings, as well as differential parts like crown wheel and pinion sets, and axle shafts. This diversity in their product range underscores EURORICAMBI's ability to provide solutions that meet the highest quality standards, rivaling original products. Their commitment to technological innovation is the driving force behind their advanced production systems and quality assurance processes​​​​​​​​.

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