CHO stands as a stalwart in the sealing industry with over 30 years of specialized experience. Known for their axle seals for trucks and trailers, CHO has carved out a niche in ODM and OEM services. Their commitment to professional manufacturing and tooling development is unwavering, as evidenced by their 15-year focus on these areas since their establishment. CHO is dedicated to the design and development of a comprehensive array of sealing products, ensuring versatility across various applications. Their capability to provide customized services tailors to the specific needs of their clients, making them a go-to for specialized sealing solutions​​.

Founded in 1988, CHO has consistently focused on being a premier manufacturer in the sealing sector. Their relocation to a new, spacious 13,000-square-meter facility in Nantou and the subsequent establishment of an additional plant of equal size in 2014 underscores their growth and commitment to expanding their manufacturing capabilities. With a product range that spans automotive, industrial, and heavy-duty seals, CHO has a solution for every sealing challenge, from power steering systems to agricultural machinery, ensuring quality and reliability in every product​​​​.

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