Bata Industrials, founded in response to market demand in the 1970s, has grown to become a key designer, producer, and marketer of safety footwear and work socks, catering exclusively to professional end-user markets. The company stands as one of the world's largest manufacturers of safety footwear, with a truly global presence. Renowned for its diverse collections like the Nova and The Traxx, Bata Industrials has offices in numerous countries including the Netherlands, Chile, Mexico, South Africa, Kenya, India, China, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand, effectively serving customer markets across virtually every continent​​.

At the core of Bata Industrials' philosophy is a commitment to the safety of professionals worldwide. The company focuses solely on creating the best professional safety footwear in the market, enabling professionals to stand strong, walk with confidence, and stay safe in all working conditions. This dedication is reflected in their high-quality safety shoes, work socks, and inlay soles, all designed to provide exceptional protection and comfort. Bata Industrials’ technology-focused approach, combined with the expertise of smart thinkers, sets them apart in the industry, making their safety footwear a preferred choice for professionals globally​​​​.

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