Since its establishment in 1979, Jufan Technology Inc. has been a significant player in the automation industry for over 25 years. Specializing in the production of pneumatic, hydraulic, and vacuum-related products, JUFAN is recognized as a major manufacturer and system integrator in the fields of fluid power and transmission control. Their expertise in designing and producing various pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, as well as pneumatic valves and FRL systems, has positioned them as a key provider in these technology sectors​​​​.

JUFAN is renowned for its focus on both hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, offering a range of actuators that are valued for their reliability and performance. Their products, including Europe-standard compact hydraulic cylinders and customized double-acting compact hydraulic cylinders, demonstrate JUFAN’s commitment to quality and versatility. These offerings make JUFAN an economical and effective choice for a wide array of applications, with their customizability catering to specific industry needs​​​​​​.

JUFAN's PRODUCTS: - Pneumatic Filter, Regulator dan Lubricator - Pneumatic Control Components - Pneumatic Actuators - Pneumatic Auxiliary Components

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