OWLGUARD is a brand that specializes in specific products such as Automatic Lubrication Systems and Fire Suppressant Systems, with a focus on their application in heavy equipment for mining. Our products are designed to provide a sense of security for the ownership of heavy equipment assets that hold significant value.

The Automatic Lubrication System, often referred as ALS or centralized lubrication system; essentially comprises of a timer or a controller, a pump & a reservoir, metering valves, supply fittings and numerous feed lines. The Automatic Lubrication System or the Centralized Lubrication System enables the distribution of a stipulated volume of lubricant to the compound, specified parts and locations in the machine, during the machine’s functioning.

An equipment or machine requires lubrication from time to time in order to enhance the performance of the immovable or mobile equipment. However, due to several human or physical limitations, makes the timely lubrication quite difficult. Thus in order to avoid the delay, an Automatic Lubrication System is used which enables lubrication at specified time intervals. The Auto Lube System carries out this function of lubrication on its own in an optimal and enhanceable manner.

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