KSTRONG has been a global leader in the manufacturing of personal protective equipment for over 20 years. With a focus on the safety of individuals working in challenging environments, KSTRONG offers a wide range of equipment, including fall protection gear. Their dedication to safety is evident in their participation in significant safety congresses and expos, where they showcase their latest innovations and commitment to workplace safety. KSTRONG’s products are built on a foundation of dependable construction, performance, and quality, undergoing rigorous testing to ensure ultimate protection for users​​​​.

Emphasizing the importance of technology in safety, KSTRONG introduced the KStrong Compass™ mobile app, a pioneering tool in the fall protection industry for equipment asset management. This cloud-based software relieves users of cumbersome paper records, streamlining the management of safety equipment. KSTRONG's focus extends to protecting individuals working at heights, where the risk of falls is significant. Their mission to improve and protect the lives of workers through high-quality products and service underlines their position as a trusted provider of safety solutions for various industries​​​​.

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