OSTYNN provides an array of O-ring seals and repair kits, showcasing a commitment to quality and versatility. Their products, such as the ORING Repair KIT Ostynn NBR 70, are available in various standard sizes and are made from NBR70 material, making them suitable for a wide temperature range. Designed to withstand harsh conditions, OSTYNN's seals are resistant to oil-based fluids, fuels, water, and alcohols, ensuring reliable performance in diverse operating environments​​​​.

With offerings like the Viton 75 and HITACHI NBR 90 O-ring seals, OSTYNN caters to specialized needs, providing solutions that endure extreme temperatures and demanding industrial uses. These O-ring seals are standard in size and can be used for heavy equipment, underscoring the brand's focus on meeting the robust requirements of the industrial sector. Additionally, the partnership with PT Total Prime Engineering for the manufacture and repair of these sealing elements suggests a level of craftsmanship aimed at delivering high-quality and durable sealing options for hydraulics and other applications​​​​.

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