MFP Seals, a division of Martin Fluid Power, has been a prominent manufacturer and distributor of high-quality sealing devices for over 35 years. Their comprehensive range includes a variety of products such as gaskets, O-rings, hydraulic seals, oil seals, wear rings, bearings, and spring seals. MFP Seals is known for its commitment to offering the highest quality sealing solutions, with a focus on ensuring a low coefficient of friction and effective compression sealing in their products. Their TPS Piston seal, for instance, uses a square profile to minimize space requirements and provide effective bidirectional sealing, demonstrating their technical proficiency in the field​​​​.

MFP Seals offers a range of sealing options designed to cater to various industrial requirements. For example, their BRS rod seal can function as either a buffer seal or the primary sealing element, showcasing their versatility in product design. This seal comprises a two-piece design featuring a filled PTFE ring and a rubber energizer. Additionally, MFP Seals provides a wide selection of U-Cup designs, commonly used in linear applications for sealing rods or pistons. Their ability to produce these seals in a broad range of materials further underlines their commitment to offering a diverse range of solutions to meet the demands of different applications​​​​.

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