Bullard, founded in 1898 and recognized as the inventor of the original hard hat in 1919, is a globally scaled manufacturer of personal protective equipment based in Kentucky, USA, with additional locations in Singapore and Germany. The company has a longstanding history in the PPE industry, ingrained across multiple sectors including life sciences, emergency response, and industrial health and safety. Their commitment to safety is driven by a vision to advance human safety, enabling long, healthy, and productive lives through innovative solutions​​​​​​.

Bullard's range of PPE encompasses a wide variety of safety needs in different industries. Their product line includes head protection, fire and rescue helmets, thermal imaging, respiratory protection, and face protection equipment. Each product is carefully engineered to provide clean, comfortable air in environments where protection from pathogens, harmful particulates, fog, smoke, mist, vapors, and sprays is essential. This diverse product offering highlights Bullard's dedication to ensuring safety in healthcare, pharmaceutical manufacturing, industrial work, and other challenging environments​​​​​​.

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